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So, on this Father’s Day, I say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers around the world. Fathers are definitely worth celebrating as families are worth celebrating.

Families are fabrics from which the society is made.

When Fathers fail, families fail, the community fails, and a nation fails. The greatest contribution a father makes to the society is not a good investment, invention or business. It is the family.

In the Bible, where there are good Fathers, the society has thrived. But where the fathers have refused to lead by example, the consequence has been terrible.

So, in my post today, I am sharing six attributes of a good Father found in the letters of the word Father.

Forgiving & Loving

Only a good father will throw a prodigal son a party when he returns.

We all have prodigals to deal with, from the squanderer of wealth to the little rebellion fueled through disobedience, a father forgives it all. Even that cannot truly taint or destroy the love of a father for his child.


Through words spoken and words unspoken, only a good father listens closely to the heartbeat of his children.

What they say, what they don’t say, a good father knows it all. Just like his heavenly Father, before his children ask, he knows what they want.

6 Attributes of a Good Father


The one his kids look up to. He is a role model and an example to his kids.

The good Father will happily tell his kids to do as he does and not just what he says. He models and practices what he teaches the kids.


Good Fathers are a source of hope for their families.

When the times are tough, the family draws strength from a good Father. The source of his strength is his trust in God. He inspires the family. He is hopeful about his children’s future.


Only a father will cheer on the little man who just puts the ball in his own team’s net!

Like our Father in heaven, a good Father is a persistent cheerleader who never gives up. You can always count on him to provide that little tap on the shoulder. I still count on mine for that. Fathers are a source of inspiration to their children.

Reliable & Strong

A good father may not always show up as a superhero, but he is always there, and his kid can count on that.

He may not be the richest dad, but he never holds back spending time with his children.

What other qualities have you seen in a father. Please share your comments in the comment box below. I will love to hear from you.