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God might take you down but He will never let you down

The eagle is majestic bird that has caught my awe since I was a little boy! The deep respect I have for this bird of prey has prompted a deep desire to learn more about it. One particular demeanor of the eagle I find fascinating is the way they train their kids in the art of soaring- a flight pattern seen only in the eagles flight map!

Whenever it is time for mother eagle to pass on to baby eagle the legacy of soaring, she takes her baby up to the top of a cliff and just drop her on her own! But one thing, Mama hovers around! The baby screams, and mama hoots. If you would like know what they are saying, for moment I can try to speak eagle!

I guess the baby is screaming: Mama, are you crazy? You took me so high up the sky to watch me fall! And I think the Mama Eagle is screaming back to the baby eagle, hey gotta trust me kiddo! I might take you down but I’ll never let you down! You’ve got to learn to soar, baby!

And just before baby eagle drops to the ground, Mama bears it on her wings again. And up again to skies she carries her and the cycle continues until baby eagle learns to spread her wings and soar like Mama! Maybe there were times in your life God took you through so much that you’d wondered if He knew what He was doing with your life! I’d bet there are those seasons in your life you felt like that baby eagle on a free fall!
“There’s not an ingot of silver in heaven’s treasury which has not been in the furnace, not an atom of gold in the redeemer’s crown that has not been molten among the hottest coals…” C.H. Spurgeon.

It’s a must for every child of God to pass through the tests of life, but one thing that is certain in the midst of life trials is God’s presence. He never leaves! He stays in the fire with us as the shining one, and His face is beautiful to look unto in life’s trials. He hovers around us like the mama eagle, and when He takes us down, before we are let down, He’s always there to take us up on His wings. God will never let us down! He took Jesus down to the grave but He never let Him down in the grave!

Are you afraid of falling? Are you unsure of how hard you’ll land? Remember, God will fly to your rescue, spread His arms beneath you and teach you something new.

There is no pit so deep that Jesus is not deeper still!