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As adults, most of us have experienced the excitement of purchasing a vehicle. Yes, we endure the pesky tactics of the car salesman and never seem to consider the extras before we pull into the car dealership.

Of course, the car salesman is rehearsed with the latest sales pitch and already knows we are a potential sale. In turn, we get bombarded with a plethora of things to consider.

Our mind is challenged with all the options and requires making decisions. Indeed, the wrong decision can be detrimental and costly. We can end up making payments on a vehicle we’re unhappy with or we can discover how bad a deal was actually signed. Obviously, we should avoid these things. A good rule of thumb can be found in Proverbs 18:17 (ESV) which says, “The one who states his case first seems right until the other comes and examines him.” So, the salesman states the case first and our job is to examine the substance and validity. Is the salesman’s case the right fit for you?

I highlight this example as it also applies to our spiritual lives. Many of us are on the cusp of making some important decisions. We must always lean into the Father’s heart to know and understand where Jesus wants to lead us.

The Father says, “Discernment is needed in this hour as many are coming to you with plans and motives. I am providing a “window of transparency” to reveal the path as you enter a pivotal time of transition.”

Don’t settle for less.

As I received this word, I understood what’s at stake! I don’t know about you, but I want to sign-up for the best deal! Why should we settle for less?

I am reminded of the scriptures in the book of Ephesians where Apostle Paul discusses being wise and how to move forward in life. Ephesians 5:15-17 (ESV) says, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” See, we must be responsible and examine ourselves to understand the will of God for our life. We must make the best use of our time! There are many who will devour your time for their own agendas. Make sure you place responsible boundaries when needed to stay in the will of God. No one will do it for you.

Without a doubt, the days are evil as Apostle Paul expressed to the Christians at Ephesus around 2,000 years ago. Our time is valuable so we must use it wisely.

We can often miss what’s right if we spend too much time looking for what’s wrong!

Unity comes in enlightenment, not constant discontentment.

Sign up for the best in God

The Father says, “Do not neglect a standard procedure in My kingdom, the procedure of prayer. It is your weapon to unleash My will and purposes for your life.” God is calling us to clarity and wisdom through prayer. Remember, this is a pivotal time of transition that requires your faith and participation. His still small voice will break through with direction for those important decisions. Press into the Father’s heart and you will receive the plans and purposes meant just for you!

He wants you to sign-up for “plan A” resulting in the best deal for your life. His window of transparency is coming and will saturate your spirit with the answers you need. As a result, the pesky car salesman will be paralyzed in misguiding you into a wrong decision.