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Give up on time traveling, renounce the habit of doing things tomorrow. Who in the world gets anything done today when they have 365 fabulous days flashing ahead of them? We all fall victim of time traveling! So many days, so many options and the one day that appeals to us is tomorrow. But of all the days in the year, the only day you can actually get something done is today. So whatever you plan to do this year, do it today and right now.

Give up on your new year resolutions, you probably already have anyway! Why do you have to wait a whole year to resolve to achieve? There are 365 days in a year and every day comes to you brand new. Why not resolve to achieve big things every day by embracing those simple habits that will make your year a successful one? Even if you fail today, you can always try again the next time the sun rises. Definitely not next year.

Give up doing it solo, you belong in a pride. Like lions, you were never cut out for solitude, you belong in a pride. Don’t resolve do it all on your own, connect with your pride. Be happy to lend a hand and receive a helping hand. Find a shoulder to cry on, and be a shoulder to cry on. This year, you will need your friends, your family, and your whole pride! Don’t be so quick to cut off your friends, even when they offend you. But most importantly, you will need God; the ever-present help when you need a hand. The truth is, no one made it all alone!

Give up the “New Year new you” mantra. Who said you are obsolete? Moses didn’t get upgraded (from a stutterer) to an orator before he could speak for God. Neither did Balaam’s donkey. David wasn’t upgraded to a warrior to kill Goliath. So why do you need a new you this New Year? Just the way you are, and with what you’ve got in your hands, you can make your dreams a reality. Don’t wait to become a better person before you follow your dreams. Whatever you have in your hands is more than enough. God created the universe out of nothing but pitch darkness, and you are made in his likeness.

Give up the ‘big start’, don’t despise the days of a small start. This year, choose progress over perfection. Choose small starts over big starts! Big things start small; the oak, an acorn; yourself, a fetus. A big entrance does not guarantee success. Starting small makes room for sustainable growth. Try five minutes of prayer every day as opposed to five hours. Ten minutes of exercise daily versus one hour workout. One page of that book daily instead of one chapter. You will achieve great things only when you learn to embrace the small steps that add up to be great things.

Give up the talk, start the walk, it is the year to get things done. When you go around talking about your dream, the world mistakes you for a fool. But when you actually start to live your dream, you become an idol. It is easier talking all year about what you actually want to do or love to do. But until you take the first step, you remain in danger of not getting anything done this year. This is simple, whatever you love to do, whatever you plan to do, do now. Time waits for no one they say.

Give up the control, let God take it from here. We all love to be in control. When we have it, we feel in charge. When we lose it, we panic. In other not to lose it, we develop options A, B, C – Z. I know you have those options too. But for once, I’d say we do something different. Give God the control, you know he loves to be in control. I know you know this because what you have done in the past is to give him control when you lose it. Give him control of your year. Commit your ways into his hands and let God plan your year with you.

Picture by Sami Sarkis, fine art America