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He was born under a travelling star

On a very dark and silent night, his star would not brighten the night

His birth, even though shouted from the top of a thousand hills in angelic tones

Attracted no one but three travellers and a star from the east

And so the night of his birth remained silent still

He was promised as a King to his own,

A King before whom none compares, He was promised as the King of kings

Kings on earth have kingdoms, Herod the great sits on his throne.

Even birds in the sky have nests to lie

But in a manger, soiled in pig’s ruts and swaddled in hay he lays

Of endless reign and of David’s throne his Kingdom was said to span

Yet no royal blood ran in his veins, not even the carpenter’s

Oh how quickly the rumours of a King to be born in Bethlem turned to songs of a bastard born in the city of David

Peace on earth and good will to man for the prince of peace is born – the angels sing

Yet another song was heard in Ramah

Wailing, weeping & mourning – means no peace on earth

Herod the great has killed tens of babies

Because the prince of peace was born

A humble birth on a silent night the light of the world was born

God’s gift to us came in the most fragile package; as helpless and vulnerable as a child the saviour came to us

For angelic warnings and visions seen by men and kings

Herod the King at the snap of his finger could kill the baby God

For me, for you and for us all God came to us so weak and vulnerable

He set the times and seasons, but the one who created the stars will not shine

The King who bears the earth and the heavens in his hands

In mortals’ hands is laid to sleep

Fully mortal and fully vulnerable, Christ Jesus fits the bill

How mortal can mortal be, that our saviour has not been

Like me, like you and like us all, the saviour was born as child this day