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Monday # 2

5 Ways to Get the Best Out of Life’s Disruptions.

A body will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external forceIsaac Newton.

I planted Aspen trees to serve as a windbreak in my yard. Every day for over 10 years, I watched my Aspens fight tooth and nail to resist the wind. On very windy days, branches and stems are bent aggressively in response to the wind’s ferocity. My Aspens fought so hard to control what cannot be controlled.

In contrast, on a road trip, I saw a thousand windmills. It fascinated me how peacefully and gracefully they harness and channel the same disruption my trees fight daily into energy production.

How we respond to disruptions in life determines how we show up on the other side of disruptions. In life, there are windbreaks and windmills.


Windbreak stand in the way of the wind and its disruptive force. Sometimes we, too, stand in the way of disruptions. We fight disruptions tooth and nail and soak in all that negative energy until we reach our breaking point and ultimately break. Breaking is always the likely outcome regardless of how strong and tall we stand, God never designed anyone to resist life’s disruptive forces.


Windmills on the other hand, harness, and channel the disruptive force of the wind towards a purpose. Disruptions become the springboard or the catalyst for growth or change. What hurts you can be your help; the disruptions in your day could set you on a different but more purposeful trajectory. In short, we can find purpose in life’s disruptions.

We all dislike disruptions. Disruptions to our plans, routine, life, or you name it. But if not for disruptions, our life would otherwise be boring!

Newton’s law of motion captures it well. “A body at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line will remain so unless acted upon by an external force. Sometimes, disruptions to our plans and days are the external force that pushes us to make a change.

Below are 5 Ways to Get the Best Out of Life’s Disruptions this Monday morning:

1- Don’t waste your resources fighting an outcome you have no control over.
2- Look for teachable moments in all that happen to you, especially the ones you have no control over.
3- There are no good and bad disruptions; ultimately, all life’s disruptions will work out for your good if only you would be a windmill.
4- Embrace disruptions as a chance to explore fresh ideas, challenge assumptions, and find creative approaches to problems.
5- Cultivate adaptability: Recognize that change is inevitable and develop a mindset of adaptability. Be open to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of doing things. Embrace the unknown and be willing to adjust your plans and strategies as needed.


This Monday morning, tap into the disruptive forces that come your way. Be a windmill, don’t be a windbreak. Embrace the opportunities they present, remain adaptable, and strive to learn and grow from these experiences.

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