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“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

King David attributed existence to purpose! Psalm 118:17 & 71: 18 both express the same undertone – I am alive for a purpose, without this purpose I’d be dead. It is as if to conclude that the purpose for existence rightly justifies existence itself! In other words, show me a reason for you to live and you shall not die! If life comes to that, how many people on earth today can actually justify their existence by coming up with a downright selfless purpose?

David did not in actual sense portray God as the muscled bouncer at the party door demanding to see the invite or ruling no entry. God in fact will not demand evidence to suggest you are living your purpose in other to allow you to carry on living. God lets you live so that you can live for him – which is your true purpose. The world gives you a chance to dream so that you can live, but the Lord gives you a chance to live so that you can dream.

The best bet for Excellency is existence! If you hope to excel then you must not cease to exist.

Life in you is the symbol that God isn’t through with you yet. The worst that can happen to any big dream in life is not the death of the dream but the death of the dreamer. The grave, not the storms of life remain the highest dream killer; everyday millions of dreams go down the grave because millions of dreamers’ lives unexpressed, give up the ghost. That is why every dream’s end is not an absolute dead end if the dreamer will keep hope alive and stay alive. For what the night conceals is only revealed by the dawn to folks who hang on long enough to see the first light of the day.

Stay Alive! Hold on to the dreams and hopes that make you human.

If trees could talk they will speak hope, the Chinese bamboo is a tree that never grows past four feet in its first 5years, but then towers 90feet into the sky in just an additional six weeks.

It takes the time to reveal that the world’s ugliest creature; the caterpillar, carries in it a world-class beauty; the butterfly! Keep at it, time will tell what miracle lies in you.

In other words, because I have to declare the works of the Lord (Purpose), I shall not die (I will live)! I can conclude that God’s purpose/plan for me keeps me alive.

If He was done with me here on earth, I’d been dead.